Who am I?  Well, I am a guy who has successfully lost 100 pounds using a low carb and paleo approach.  More importantly, I am a Christian.  My name is Brandon Lambert and since 2010, I have implemented these dietary and exercise principals while at the same time trying to understand how they fit in with my Christian beliefs.  I think I have come to terms with some things, but am still striving to understand others.  This blog is an attempt to crowd-source this journey so believers can come together in safe place to explore these different principals.  I hope you enjoy it!


One thought on “About

  1. I am new to Paleo – I have HS so I am following an auto immune paleo diet with no nightshades. I learned about this diet from others who have HS as well. I am in a positive group of people who are taking back their health. I do know that many are atheists and agnostics and anti-Christian. I love them as I know their pain and we share a “d” that has rocked our life. I have read a few things from Robb Wolff and others going on about evolution – I couldn’t even read it. I am so thankful to God that he brought this clean eating way of life that has the potential to put my stuff in remission. I pray I find others that I can share my faith with on this path and have a equal support. If you have other sources that will allow me to be feed in the spirit and paleo, it would be AWESOME!
    Great job & I love your blog!

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